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Welcome to "Touched by Charms ~ Origami Owl Page." Hi, I'm Kennedy and I'm so happy you stopped by to visit! My mom, Trish, and I are a team, but I'm doing everything an 12-year-old can do to make our business a success. I'm in the 6th grade and a good student. I like basketball , and various others sports. I have lots of interests, but my favorite is creating things. Arts and crafts are super fun and I'm a pretty good artist for my age. I've started some small "kid" businesses selling the items I've created, like my hand-made bracelets, Rainbow Looms and multi-colored duct-tape purses. But I definitely think Origami Owl is the best! I've graduated from kid businesses and feel like Origami Owl is my first Professional Business - my first real step on the road to a business career. My Aunt Kristy gave me my first Origami Owl necklace. It was the first time I'd seen one, and I loved it! It created a HUGE BUZZ in our house, and I went to the Origami Owl webpage to see what else there was for sale. When I saw that I could sell them, I was really excited and since then my mom and I have been working together to create Touched by Charms. Waaaaay better than duct-tape purses, for sure! Hi - Trish here. I thought I'd write a quick note, too. When Kennedy approached her dad and me about being a part of "Origami Owl," we thought it would be a fantastic way to teach her the value of hard work, giving back by donating a portion of her proceeds to charities, and achieving her goals. She's actually pretty good at those things already, but Origami Owl incorporated all three in a way that will enhance her current experiences. The added bonus is spending quality time together doing something we're really enjoying. For now Kennedy is doing everything she can to run Touched by Charms, and I'm helping out with the "grown-up" things she hasn't learned to do yet. Little by little, Kennedy will take on more tasks until she is able to run the business on her own. Her dad and I are thrilled she wanted to sell these beautiful pieces, and we couldn't be prouder of her!

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